Start the Day with a Smile, and End it with Champagne.


Happy Place is the Pool
If you need to reach me, I’ll be in my office.



Hi. I’m Sasha.

Ten things about me:
1- My superpower is making wine disappear.
2- If I could only drink one thing it would be Champagne.
3- I’m a certified Sommelier (International Sommelier Guild), which means I am a certified wine geek.
4- I love to share my knowledge of wine, teaching and conducting seminars are the best part of my job.
5- My happy place is in water, swimming is how I balance my wine consumption.
6- I met my husband at a wine tasting, our first date involved the better part of a bottle of Oban.
7- My dog Hailey is a rescue dog, all references to scents that are dog related come from her.
8- There ain’t no party like a chardy party. Preferably on my back deck with my girls.
9- I hate writing bios; I managed to procrastinate this for months.  I love to talk about wine, I have over 25 years in the Wine Business selling, tasting and sharing this wonderful beverage. 
10- Most importantly, my husband and my boys are the best part of each and every day, I am grateful for their love and support.



Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Let’s grab a glass and discuss your next event!

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