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Start the Day with a Smile, and End it with Champagne.

An experienced wine business pro, Sasha’s depth of knowledge comes from years of learning, traveling, working, eating, and drinking.  She discovered her love of wine while working at a restaurant during University, that love became a career that has included many aspects of the wine business – Sommelier, educator, sales and imports, restaurant management, and marketing.  Opportunities for wine education in Canada were limited at the start of her career, she attended every tasting, seminar, trade event, until living in a city that where she could obtain her ISG Sommelier Certification.  Armed with a vast library of wine books, a variety of wine courses, stamps on her passport, knowledge, and experience she continues to make a living by drinking and talking about wine.  Not a bad gig at all.

Happy Place is the Pool
If you need to reach me, I’ll be in my office.

Hi. I’m Sasha.

Ten things about me:
1- My superpower is making wine disappear.
2- If I could only drink one thing it would be Champagne.
3- I’m a certified Sommelier (International Sommelier Guild), which means I am a certified wine geek.
4- I love to share my knowledge of wine, teaching and conducting seminars are the best part of my job.
5- My happy place is in water, swimming is how I balance my wine consumption.
6- I met my husband at a wine tasting, our first date involved the better part of a bottle of Oban.
7- My favourite wine pairings are Salt & Vinegar chips with Champagne and Dungeness Crab or Lobster with Chardonnay.  
8- There ain’t no party like a chardy party. Preferably on my back deck with my girls.
9- I hate writing bios; I managed to procrastinate this for months.  I love to talk about wine, I have over 25 years in the Wine Business selling, tasting and sharing this wonderful beverage. 
10- Most importantly, my husband and my boys are the best part of each and every day, I am grateful for their love and support.

Life is too short to drink bad wine.

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