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Meet Sasha

Happy Place is the Pool
If you need to reach me, I'll be in my office.

Hi. I’m Sasha.

Ten things about me:

1- My superpower is making wine disappear.

2- If I could only drink one thing it would be Champagne.

3- I’m a certified Sommelier (International Sommelier Guild), which means I am a certified wine geek.

4- I love to share my knowledge of wine, teaching and conducting seminars are the best part of my job.

5- My happy place is in water, swimming is how I balance my wine consumption.

6- I met my husband at a wine tasting, our first date involved the better part of a bottle of Oban.

7- My favourite wine pairings are Salt & Vinegar chips with Champagne and Dungeness Crab or Lobster with Chardonnay.  

8- There ain’t no party like a Chardy Party, especially the ones that run to the wee hours of the morning. 

9- I hate writing bios; I managed to procrastinate this for months.  I love to talk about wine, I have over 25 years in the Wine Business selling, tasting and sharing this wonderful beverage. 

10- Most importantly, the secret to Happy Long Marriage is separate bottles of wine.

An experienced wine business pro, Sasha’s depth of knowledge comes from years of learning, traveling, working, eating, and drinking. Slinging plates during her university years, she discovered her love of wine.  That love became a career that has seen her in a variety of roles—Sommelier, educator, sales and imports, restaurant management, and marketing.

Opportunities for formal wine education in Canada were limited at the start of her career. Determined to learn more, Sasha attended every tasting, seminar, trade event, and any other learning opportunity she came across. In 2002, a husband, two boys, six cities later, she finally had the opportunity to pursue her ISG Sommelier Certification, the rigorous professional accreditation she had wanted for years.  Over the years Sasha has amassed a trove of wine books, wine courses, and no shortage of stamps on her passport in pursuit of terroir, experience, and knowledge. A devoted virtuoso of the art of fermentation, she continues to make a living learning, sharing, drinking, and talking about wine. A long, and flavourful road, rich with experience, good wine, good food and fantastic people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

There are so many options of themes for wine tastings, we can work together to find the style/theme that works for you.  We can start with the basics of wine tasting, or food & wine pairing, or look at a specific region or style of wine.  So much wine, so much fun to be had.

How about Chip & Wine Pairing?  or Chocolate & Wine?  

Absolutely.  Let’s connect to create a great event.

Any events outside of Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St Albert, will be considered on a one by one basis.  

I’ve never visited a wine region that I didn’t love.  A couple that stood out:

  • Cafayate Valley, a remote region in Northwest Argentina, hidden behind the red rock formations of Cafayate’s Quebrada. The air glitters with Minca, the people are wonderful and I had the best risotto there.
  • Brunello, how can it not?  Rolling hills, Sangiovese ripening in the sunshine in vineyards. 
  • Okanagan Valley, growing up in BC, the wine region has grown & changed so much over the years.  I remember when… 

Festival Tastings – fixed stations with wine.  Your guests stop by and try, the wine expert is at the table to pour and chat briefly about the wine.  More relaxed and better suited to larger groups.  These are not intended to be information heavy.

Seated Matted Tastings – seated tasting with the wines in front of the participants.  The wines are talked about in detail, participants remain at the table with their tasting mat in front of them.  More knowledge about wine shared.

I work with a number of wine boutiques who are fantastic, they will give me an order form to bring along for you and your guests to purchase that you have tasted.  

You bet.  Let’s work together to create the best tasting for you and your guests.  

Venues have different policies for outside vendors in their facility.  We will have to work with them to determine what those are.

Picking a favourite wine is like picking a favourite child…

Having said that, my favourite style of wine is traditional method sparkling wine, preferably Blanc de Blanc from Champagne.  

"When I first met Sasha I knew two wines- red and white. Now I know so much about wine because of her."

~ Dr. Sam Azer